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Itour Vietnam » Our Mission, Vision & Values

We believe our role is to not only provide memorable vacation experiences, but to also educate and extend awareness of the unique cultural differences that makes all of us important citizens of our global community.

Our vision serves as the foundation for growth and continued journey to excellence. We uphold each of these principles in the operation for every aspect of our business:

Becoming the best means growing a team of expert travelers that aspire to continue their adven tures across all corners of the globe allowing them to confidently share their experience and knowl edge with our customers.
To develop and nurture relationships with the best tour and vacation providers that share our same goal of providing high quality and memorable travel experiences for our customers
To remain a highly effective and quickly adapting organization, by staying on top of worldwide travel trends and making sure we are providing the best deals to make your dream destinations a reality.
To use our platform as a medium to steward relationships with partners that share our compassion as citizens of the global community.

These goals can only be attained with a core value system that sets a precedent for our positive reputation and trustworthy character that is to be demonstrated by us and everyone representing our brand. These core values consist of:

- Leadership
- Integrity
- Accountability
- Passion
- Quality
- Diversity